I Simply Must Share! * Class

Okay ... I must, must share this with you!

This morning's class attendees included a long, long-time friend and former teaching colleague.  For as long as we've known each other, she (R) has been an avid fan of saving her memories in scrapbooks.  Now she shares that love with her daughter (P), who has picked up the talent and loves making traditional scrapbooks of her own.  Understandable for sure! 

Ohhhhh, I know what some of you are thinking!  And yes, my classes have always been limited to "adults-only", with the restriction even being applied to my own Grands.  So, I have to share my one & only "exception" to you today.   P has taken to card-making with a smile & a gotta-love-it-I-already-love-this attitude that is not only inspirational, but amazing & heartfelt in my eyes.  (Or perhaps that's just "proud teacher talk"?) 

She has attended one class, and one limited visit here so far, with a private threesome 'lesson' coming up soon.  Take a look a her work so far, after her last class!

Yep!  I have permission to share these.  You just never ever know when someone is going to "make your day"!   Ohhhhh .... did I mention that P is eleven years old?   

Okay .... I'll be bee-boppin' back soon to share more from Inspire. Create. Share. 2014 very very soon!   Just had to squeeze this fun tidbit in today.

Inky {{{hugs}}}!