Here They Are! * Latest Weekly Deals!

Oh my stay friends, you might just find something that's a "must" on this latest list of Weekly Deals!  Personally, I'll be taking advantage of the Metallic Foil Doilies and that scrumptious Basic Black 3/8" Stitched Ribbon!  Did you notice that the ribbon is "basically" as black as the photo's background!  Now envision that with the supreme shine of satin, and the delightful tie-ability we discovered in this ribbon style when it first appeared last Fall!   Sweet deals this week for sure!

And there you go for your sweet new Weekly Deals!

Now ...  stay tuned!
Tex's Confession for you today!
Coming up very soon here at Texas Rubber & Ink! >>> Online Kits!

That's all I can say for now .... hang in there!   ;)

Inky ((((huggss)))),


Butterfly Poops?

Butterfly Poops?!

Any guesses as to what I'm doing again today??

If you're going to be at next Wedsnesday's stamping retreat in SLC .... you just might see/receive the finished product .... sans "poops" ... in trade for your swap!  

Pssssssst ....  If you can't hear me squealing while I work ... you must be far, faaaarrr away.    Just sayin'!

Inky (((huggss))),


What's Orangey-Red, Comes in a Box, & Makes Neighbors Question My Squeals?

What's 'orangey-red', comes in a cute medium-sized box, and makes my neighbors wonder,
 "What is that squealing I hear?"

So, just for you, here's a sweet peek at July's Paper Pumpkin package of creative fun!

Here's how to get your own little box of creativity!  Choose to receive it every month, skip a month here or there, or even share it as a gift!  

Happy Stamping, &
Inky ((((huggss)))),


This Week's Deals are Here!

Good morning, stampy friends!
You're in for some sweet deals this week ... with some treasures to be found for sure.  

Two of my recent product classes included the "Color Me Irresistible" Specialty Designer Series Paper along with the new 'Sprinkles of Life" stamp set.  This temporarily reduced price covers an entire 12"x12" package of creative fun!

Washi tape fans .... The 'Everyday Chic' washi tape collection is a celebration of Black & White that I adore!  Not only does it perfectly coordinate with the 'Everyday Chic' DSP, but it's a great addition to all things B&W to add in just that little splash of pattern fun, and is a fun neutral addition to so many projects.

Edited to add:  OMGosh!  I forgot to mention the "Go Wild" DSP pack!  Neutrals, animal prints, and I adore this paper pack ... there's even giraffe prints along with leopard, zebra, stripes, & more!

Enjoy, m'friends!

Full House .... well ... Full Studio!

**Tomorrow's Stampin' Saturday class is at full capacity!   
Thus, RSVP's have been closed, but never fear! More stampin' happens here on a regular basis!  My schedule is always available at , or email to ask to be on my Evite list!
Today's Activities:
Anyone volunteer to tidy the studio?  
Oh wait ... snipping & cutting still ongoing ... too early to tidy.    Whew!
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Do Not Answer that Phone Call from Yourself!

For years my private "rule" has been:

  • Do not answer the home phone.  It is 99.9% certainly a spammy caller.
  • Exception is from one precious family member who consistently uses this number.
  • ONE exception, see above.
Said phones "announce" whatever is shown on caller i.d., so I know from across the room that it's another spammer.

Well ... today it announced a call from "....myself ... my phone number ..." in the correct words, of course.  Countless possibilities dashed across my mind while picking up the handset ... but naturally, it was spam .... (First mistake of the day, here. .... Next time, FOLLOW my own rules!)

You've heard it as well ... It's your final notice!  We have important info about your credit cards ... blah, blah, blah.  
  • I was invested now.  
  • Already broke my own rule ... going to hang on & let some ruffled feathers fly.
  • Wait a few minutes for the "representative" to answer.
  • He answers.
  • I ask for his supervisor.
  • Supervisor answered before the expected 10-minute wait while they probably laughed hysterically!  Wow!
I was not harsh ... just firm.  I stayed on the line to complain about the unethical method you're using for these calls.  "Your caller i.d. claimed to be 'me' calling from my own phone number.  That is unethical .. wrong .. and I want my number removed from your calling list."

Supervisor:  "Well, we are in Afghanistan, so our number does not show up correctly."
Me:  "It doesn't matter where you are ... that is unethical business practice!"
Supv.:  "But ma'am, we're in Afghanistan.  The numbers are different here."
Me:  I interrupted him here .... I don't care where you are. I'm complaining about the practice of identifying your company with my own information.
Supervisor:  Go _ _ _ _ yourself.  We're in Afghanistan so it doesn't matter!
Me:  What a shame.
Supervisor:  Go _ _ _ _ yourself, lady.

Lesson for today:

Do Not Answer that Phone Call from Yourself!
How sad that people in 2015 live in such ignorance.
And yes ... I've thought of countless replies since then ... but obviously 
still trying to unruffle these tangled feathers right now.   LOL

So moving on to much sweeter deals ... 

****Remember sweet shopping peeps!  My current Hostess Code is GGWEBZMT.  No matter where you are in the U.S.A., your order using this Hostess Code enters you into a drawing for my July hostess prize!