Do Not Answer that Phone Call from Yourself!

For years my private "rule" has been:

  • Do not answer the home phone.  It is 99.9% certainly a spammy caller.
  • Exception is from one precious family member who consistently uses this number.
  • ONE exception, see above.
Said phones "announce" whatever is shown on caller i.d., so I know from across the room that it's another spammer.

Well ... today it announced a call from "....myself ... my phone number ..." in the correct words, of course.  Countless possibilities dashed across my mind while picking up the handset ... but naturally, it was spam .... (First mistake of the day, here. .... Next time, FOLLOW my own rules!)

You've heard it as well ... It's your final notice!  We have important info about your credit cards ... blah, blah, blah.  
  • I was invested now.  
  • Already broke my own rule ... going to hang on & let some ruffled feathers fly.
  • Wait a few minutes for the "representative" to answer.
  • He answers.
  • I ask for his supervisor.
  • Supervisor answered before the expected 10-minute wait while they probably laughed hysterically!  Wow!
I was not harsh ... just firm.  I stayed on the line to complain about the unethical method you're using for these calls.  "Your caller i.d. claimed to be 'me' calling from my own phone number.  That is unethical .. wrong .. and I want my number removed from your calling list."

Supervisor:  "Well, we are in Afghanistan, so our number does not show up correctly."
Me:  "It doesn't matter where you are ... that is unethical business practice!"
Supv.:  "But ma'am, we're in Afghanistan.  The numbers are different here."
Me:  I interrupted him here .... I don't care where you are. I'm complaining about the practice of identifying your company with my own information.
Supervisor:  Go _ _ _ _ yourself.  We're in Afghanistan so it doesn't matter!
Me:  What a shame.
Supervisor:  Go _ _ _ _ yourself, lady.

Lesson for today:

Do Not Answer that Phone Call from Yourself!
How sad that people in 2015 live in such ignorance.
And yes ... I've thought of countless replies since then ... but obviously 
still trying to unruffle these tangled feathers right now.   LOL

So moving on to much sweeter deals ... 

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