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Retreat Update!

Hello stampy friends!

As some of you know, I'm working happily yet feverishly on projects for retreat classes coning up soon in Wimberley, TX.   Sadly, Wimberley has been inundated with heavy rains and incredibly damaging storms this week.   Even worse, 50 people are listed as "missing or unaccounted for" today, May 25.  I know our prayers are needed.  {5/26/2015 *editing to add  that now the search is for 12 people.} 

As a result of severe damages to the area, many area residents are now in shelters for undetermined lengths of time, etc. While at our retreat, we will be assembling kits of toiletries to give to these residents. If you have a heart to do so, please bring along whatever toiletries, travel-size items, or other items you care to give/share with you. We'll make sure they get to the centers taking care of those who need help.  

Some area bridges are ruined, but as far as I know that actually affects drivers coming in from southern Texas areas, rather than those of us driving down from northern Texas areas.  Please be sure to check local details before driving down to the retreat in 2 weeks. 

 *Care to join us?  A few slots are still available for retreat sleepover visits and/or for daytime-only class days on Saturday & Sunday.  Friday is reserved for our SU demonstrator group ... ... but if you do happen to have $99 worth of Stampin' Up! goodies on your little secret Wish List .... you can actually get $125 worth of SU products PLUS free stamps from me whenever you join as a happy stamper.   Oh ... and even more stuff to come ...  from me as well as from Stampin' Up!   Seriously.  I'm always nearby via email: .  I'm glad to call as well.   

Happy 'n blessed new week to each of you!
Inky ((((huggss)))),

Class Schedule Updates!

Just wanted to share with you that I've just added a Christmas Card Buffet to my class schedule!

This event is scheduled for Thursday, November 13 as well as Saturday, November 15.  Both dates include the same Christmas stamping 'menu' choices.

Here's a copy of the latest Christmas class posting as it appears on my Stampin' Up calendar:

Christmas Card Buffet!  

This is a special Christmas card-making event, customized for you, by you!  
  • Choose your kit from 8 Christmas card designs!
  • You will RSVP via email to me ... and
  • You will choose how many of each card design you want to make.
  • Class fee for 3 cards (1 of each) is $10, as usual. 
  • Each additional card that you pre-select to make will be an additional $2.00
  • Pre-payment is required.  
For example:
  • Making a total of 6 cards . . any designs (your choice) ... Class fee = $10 + $6 (for 3 added cards) = $16 class
  • Or, a different example:  Make a total of any 10 cards?  Class = $10 + $14 (for 7 added cards) = $24.
  • You just need to decide & select & notify me by Saturday, November 1.  Payments will be due upon your RSVP.
  • I'll use those RSVP's to prepare the correct number of custom-selected card kits for each stamper.
Pre-Payment may be made by cash, check or credit card via invoice at the time of your RSVP & choices.  Your kit will be available for you in the event you cannot attend.

***Choosing your card projects?***
  1. Email me at .  I will email the set of 8 photos from which you'll make your personal selections.  Then just let me know your choices and pre-pay for your class!  
  2. OR, ask for an Evite invitation if you have not already received one. 

Tell your friends!  Bring a Christmas CD if you wish!

Looking forward to stamping with you!
Inky {{{huggss}}},

~Bev  /  TexasGrammy

More Class Offerings!

Evenings, anyone?  If you're needing an evening class, I add a Tuesday evening class to the schedule usually once each month or upon request.   RSVP's for all of my classes are easy if you'll email me at or dash over to my calendar of events linked right here for your convenience!   Check that link for everything on the upcoming calendar.  Don't see what you're hoping to find?  Just email and ask!

Looking forward to stamping with you!
Inky {{{huggss}}},

~Bev  /  TexasGrammy

Class Reminder!

That's a "tickled me" with SU's awesome instructor, Carrie Cudney at Inspire. Create. Share. 2014!  

Hello, my Stampin' Friends!

Project kits for all who have RSVP'd are cut & ready for tomorrow (Saturday) morning! I'm looking forward to stampin' & sharing with you!

Please let me know if you need further directions to the studio. You're always welcome to email me at .

See you tomorrow!

I Simply Must Share! * Class

Okay ... I must, must share this with you!

This morning's class attendees included a long, long-time friend and former teaching colleague.  For as long as we've known each other, she (R) has been an avid fan of saving her memories in scrapbooks.  Now she shares that love with her daughter (P), who has picked up the talent and loves making traditional scrapbooks of her own.  Understandable for sure! 

Ohhhhh, I know what some of you are thinking!  And yes, my classes have always been limited to "adults-only", with the restriction even being applied to my own Grands.  So, I have to share my one & only "exception" to you today.   P has taken to card-making with a smile & a gotta-love-it-I-already-love-this attitude that is not only inspirational, but amazing & heartfelt in my eyes.  (Or perhaps that's just "proud teacher talk"?) 

She has attended one class, and one limited visit here so far, with a private threesome 'lesson' coming up soon.  Take a look a her work so far, after her last class!

Yep!  I have permission to share these.  You just never ever know when someone is going to "make your day"!   Ohhhhh .... did I mention that P is eleven years old?   

Okay .... I'll be bee-boppin' back soon to share more from Inspire. Create. Share. 2014 very very soon!   Just had to squeeze this fun tidbit in today.

Inky {{{hugs}}}!


Mixed Blooms & Class!

Good morning!

My past few days have been terrific, and I hope yours was the same!  Mine included classes here in the studio last Thursday and Saturday ... and the smile is still on my face ... really.  Indeed, teaching and sharing my joy in stamping is such a delightful part of my life!

These were a few of the stampers enjoying creative fun together here over the past week.  So many times I realize after the fact that I forgot to get pics of the actual class fun in progress ... Glad I remembered for a few brief moments on Saturday! 

This was one of our class projects during the past week.  It was fun to incorporate a new-to-them size!  This one measures 3.25" X 6.25" when folded.  If you just happen to have a bitty stash of the "open-end" envelopes Stampin' Up! offered several years ago ... (Uhhmmmm, I'm raising 'my' hand!) ... this card fits perfectly!  Otherwise, grab your trusty SU Envelope Punch Board and make a custom envelope that's easy-peasy and another perfect fit as well! 

This card features the popular 'Mixed Blooms' stamp set with matching 'Blossom' punch.  That so-fun sentiment is from the new photopolymer set, 'Endless Birthday Wishes'.  Oooooh, how I adore the many ways to mix the plentiful words & phrases in this set!  Alas, the 'Endless Birthday Wishes' set is temporarily sold out ... but will return soon.  Yay!

Inquiring Minds:  Wanna know what inspired this card?  It came from one of last summer's demonstrator-exclusive magazines from Stampin' Up! with just a bitty change for newer stamps!  (Love that monthly benefit happy mail!)

Now it's time for your own creative adventures!  
Inky {{{huggss}}} from Texas,

Project Supplies:
STAMPS:  Mixed Bunch (clear mount) (Block D) + Endless Birthday Wishes (temporarily sold out) (Blocks A & C for sentiment)

Cutting * Sorting * Stacking ??

Hi Friends!

Today's studio agenda:  I'm measuring, cutting, sorting & stacking!

So, what's this all about?

My next stampin' class starts at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow ... and if you're in the area, you still have time to comment or email to let me know you're coming! 

Just need to know in time to get your stampy stuff all ready to go! 


Ready for a Retreat?! Check it out!

Hey, hey, hey!!

Are you ready for a retreat full of classes, fun, and camaraderie?
Did I mention FUN ?!

***   Understand Blue: UNWIND Retreat: Ready to have a little fun in Salt Lake City? Since we almost got tossed out by the Fire Marshal for exceeding the space limit at the ...

Ahhhhhhh ... Just click the Understand Blue link above to see the entire offering!

Psssssssssssssst!   It's almost June ... so July is just around the corner!

Hope to see you there!