May the Crankin' Force Be With Me!


It seems that practically as soon as I posted here yesterday ... my day was no longer in 'my control'.

My phone was either ringing or receiving texts at a near-record pace for a supposedly "quiet" Sunday afternoon.  If I wasn't talking to callers, I was replying to texts.  I even had to ask one speedy-texter to please wait until I finished up a call!

When it rains ... it pours.   But it was actually a dry day here in N. Texas. 

Then I received a notice that friends would be stopping in for a little break on their drive North from the southernmost area of Texas.

... ...Wait just a dog-gone minute ... ...

So now add in a dust cloth and a quick broom to the aforementioned rash of activity ... pronto! 

But don't forget dinner either.   That was settled with a brief trip about 1.5 miles down the road.  Whew!

So ...

Guess what's on my agenda for today????

Looks eerily familar doesn't it?

And oh yes .... The answer to yesterday's question was/is:
  • Picture me at the Big Shot, cutting out all of the above ... plus more elements to cut as well.   

  • THIS is what convention swapping does to otherwise-basically-rational people!

Happy New Week to You! 
Oh .... if you're working on swaps too, just bring'em over & we'll have a swappin' assembly day!   ;)