Mimosa Sympathy

One of my very favorite subjects in stamping and card making is florals and foliage.  Over the years and across my previous blog as well as this one, I've likely revealed this from time to time.  Today's card is from the heart of me for special cousins.

A few years ago I was literally browsing along the fence line, simply enjoying the leaves of bordering trees and shrubs.  Among them stands one mimosa tree that actually reaches over from the neighbors' yard.  On that day, I plucked a couple of the leafy mimosa stems with an idea of pressing them onto card stock ... just to see what might result.  I so enjoyed the result that I made nearly 30 of those prints for cards to be given to friends at an upcoming retreat.  

The sentiment was embossed on vellum card stock, then framed with a muted metallic gold card stock 'frame'.  Although it might appear as 'copper' on some screens, the embossing and framing are both a lovely, soft gold color.  I was happy to see the green showing through the vellum, just as I had hoped.

For me, this is the one of the most natural of all the card making techniques or styles I've utilized.  I believe that I shall love it always.  

I hope you've found some inspiration here today!  Thanks for having visited.

Inky (((hugs))),

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