Curtain Call with Thanks to Paper Crafts + Scrapbooking!

How do I start this blog post?  What shall I say?  Okay ... here goes:

It's my privilege to participate in an exceptional blog hop today ... 
... and it all started with a magazine.  

If you're a lover of cardstock, paper, ink, stamps of rubber or photopolymer, perhaps you've read one of the publications ... or 63 ... or more.  Paper crafters near and far are cyber-gathering today to bid fond farewells to a treasured source of inspiration ... Paper Crafts + Scrapbooking Magazine.  Earlier, we knew it simply as Paper Crafts Magazine.

My subscription to Paper Crafts spanned several years.  Cabinets here in my studio easily testify to that.  Along the way I was thrilled to see my daughter, Jessica, become a Stampin' Royalty winner.   Always being one to challenge herself, Jessica's follow-up act was to became one of PC's Go-To-Gals!  
 Throughout the years, Jessica and I rarely attended CHA at the same time, but I did manage to catch a few fun pics.  Hmmmm ... I wonder if I actually squealed when I first hugged the original Ms. Moxie Fab, Cath Edvalson??  Her smile can light up the day!  The dynamic editorial staff at Paper Crafts holds a special place in my Texas heart for sure.  I feel blessed to have shared a wee bit of time with each of them along life's way.
I'm pretty sure I did squeal the first time I hugged Teri Anderson for real.  LOL  To this day, she is a non-stop creative talent! >>>>><<<<<>............>>>>>..>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><><>>> Needless to say, I truly owe my own paper crafting lifestyle to Jessica's initial influence.  Our styles are completely different, but I remain her biggest fan.  And honestly, it's the people I've met and hugged and shared time with throughout my own paper crafting journey that makes my heart smile time 'n time again.
 And so it is in honor of Paper Crafts + Scrapbooking Magazine, the consistent flow of creative inspiration, and the delightful peeps behind and in front of the scenes, that I share my personal "Thank you all, from the heart!"   

I employed a little stretch here, and substituted splattered white acrylic paint for ink!   As you can see, Paper Crafts will always have a piece of my heart.

To everyone from Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking Magazine, thank you, thank you, thank you  ... from the heart!


If you started your blog hopping experience at the very beginning, you've been a busy hopper!  In that event you've possibly arrived at my blog from Laurie Willison's blog.  And now you're invited to visit Nina Yang at her Waffle Flower blog!

It's been my sincere pleasure to share with you all today!
Inky (((hugggsss))),

*Following is a list of the many, many fans of Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking Magazine who are sharing their thanks today!