Nuggets, Gifting, & How To!

Hey there, m'friends!

I'm back again with another quick and easy gifting idea ... and ... another video tutorial to share!

Now this gifty happens to be "sweet".   And believe it or not .... ZERO Hershey's Nuggets were injured, maimed, bitten or eaten during the production or preparation of the following projects or video!   From Millan.Net Yep! I speak the truth.

These little gifties are easy-peasy ... and a basket full can be created in a very short time.  Vary the number of nuggets, change the colors or the season, get natural with twine or all prettied up with beautiful ribbons!
Whatever you do, have fun!  Turn on some Christmas music, sip some hot spiced cider, and bring out those Christmas papers 'n ribbons!

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