It's a Birthday Bonanza!

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It's My Birthday Bonanza!!

"I" had the birthday, and "You" get presents!!

Nope ... it isn't my birthday today ... I've just celebrated, and now it's time to share the "cake"!  
Oh.  Okay ... so I can't really send everyone a piece of cake.  
Hmmmmm ... Next best thing ... Presents!

When you order from me throughout November, you;ll receive a free gift kit from me!   

Your first free Birthday Bonanza gift is  a ready-to-assemble Owl Card Kit from me for every $35 worth of SU products you order before tax and shipping!  All you'll need is adhesive and you're ready to create.   Your Owl Card Kit(s) may be in other colors, but they're all color coordinated and are truly a "Hoot" when they're all assembled. 

**Glitz-glam-shaZaam!**  Your second free Birthday Bonanza gift is brand new container of Stampin' Up!'s beautiful glitter!  You will receive either Silver Stampin' Glitter or Gold Stampin' Glitter!    You will receive your free glitz in December, as I will order your collective Glitz-glam-shaZaam at the end of my birthday bonanza promotion.

About those Owl Cards:  These have been so popular at my recent events that my own samples are practically paper-squinting from all of the owl paparazzi's camera flashes.  That's basically the story of when my Owl Card Kit for the Birthday Bonanza was born hatched!   The kits are already prepared, and will be sent to your shipping address upon my receipt of Stampin' Up!'s order verification that I receive when an online order is submitted.  They're ready to Hoot!

From Millan.Net    Psssssssssssssst!  Remember to take advantage of my Customer Rewards Program as well!  Oh yes ... that definitely applies with your November Birthday Bonanza orders as well! 

There you have it!   Enjoy your 'birthday presents'!    
Inky {{{huggss}}},


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