Stuff ... It Happens

Hi everyone!

I have blogging news ... but alas, it's not the news I had hoped to be posting. 
So here goes ...

After far more time & days than I even wish to admit ... the latest technique video that I've been working on most of this week has simply gone "Poof"!                From Millan.Net

That's the shortest way of saying that my editing program literally shut down mid-afternoon today.  No warning bells ... no saving ... no rescue ... no luck for this girl today.   Call me "Outta".

The rest of March includes a few family events, a couple of "away" appointments, a class here in my studio, and time to design & create my projects for the upcoming Creative Crew Challenge Gallery opening for April!  Then, and only then, I will plan to get this video out here, from me ... to you! 

Thanks for your smiles, your generous sprinklings of Mojo Dust, and your patience!