Studio Update? You Got It!

Studio update?
* Still uninhabited by stampers and myself .... but coming right along.

Carpet and tile has been removed, followed by sanding machine + elbow grease + chisels in lots of places.  Walls prepped to fill previous nail holes + that unknown variety of 'what alien oopsie happened there'.  Painting is finished in main room.  Girly room will be last.

 Tex's Tip:  When asking someone to remove your tile and prep for dye/stain .... I'd suggest a fave meal, various promises, and perhaps early-prep-cajoling in advance.  This job is not for the 'quicky'-do person.  And if you have to have it all done by class time in  (ex.) 5 days .... plan it for after that class ... unless you hire multiple worker bees.   

This week is really making a difference ... and this chick is happy-happy about that!

Along with renovation of walls and floors, more changes are in the works for classes.    Eeeeeeps!  

'Nuff said.
Inky (((hugs))),