Looking Back

Hello everyone!

In the beginning of my stamping adoration, I found Stampin' Up!  Yes, I signed up as a demo after attending my very first workshop/party at my daughter's home.  She was happy, and so was I!

Through the years I've created lots & lots of rubber stamped projects, and I just couldn't start a brand new SU only blog without including some of that 'crafty self-history' here.  So while I continue to learn the ins & outs of utilizing more features of this blog style, I'm just going to add in some of my older project pics.  Some older goodies went to never-never land with the crashing of a former hard drive.  Others dropped off the face of the earth when I sent in a laptop for repairs.  (Yeah ... the first thing they did was replace the hard drive and give a toss into their dumpster.  Why return it to the owner?)  Live & learn, m'friends.   Guess I'd better hurry up & start sharing them here!

Let's get started!  Historical data first .... Here are a few of my long-ago SU projects:

Oh how I adored the "Paris in the Spring" stamp set!  The top flips up and the lower panel comes down to reveal another tag inside with the sentiment.  I made this for my first shoebox swap in San Antonio, TX. 
Do you remember 'Groovy Guava'?   Here it is (above) paired with 'River Rock' cardstock.

Another favorite set of mine above -- "Simply Circles".  I think I still have this set.  From this time forward, I have loved circles in stamping creations.  How about a bit of 'Pink Passion' paired with 'Only Orange'!

This one is a "tent fold" with the image filling up the remainder of the 5.5" height.  This froggy made it fun to explore using our watercolor paper along with the water pens! 

***If you've strolled all the way down the post to this point ... "High Fives" to you, m'friends!!   I'll return again soon with more to share!  

Happy weekend, y'all!