If You're Stalking the UPS Truck ...

If you're stalking the UPS truck for your new catalogs to be delivered,
you might want to do some early preparation.

First, you should fill the water fountain so the UPS driver feels it's safe 'n welcoming to approach the front door.

Next, you'll need to snap a quick pic of the adorable baby bunny tucked beneath the Lantana plant.  Awwwwwwww!

It's helpful to be eager to check the porch frequently for highly anticipated cargo.  Suggestion = after every little mundane task inside, such as:
  1. empty dishwasher
  2. check entry
  3. rinse breakfast dishes
  4. check entry
  5. load rinsed dishes into dishwasher
  6. check entry
  7. move laundry from washer to dryer
  8. check entry
  9. continue developing this pattern
As your eyes survey the usual package placement zone, stay alert to all possibilities!

Suggestion:  It's time to assess your weapons stash.  

All paper crafters appreciate the value of a good straight-edged tool.  Use the now-in-hand, rusty shovel to scuff a little noise in front of the serpent.    

Watch the snake as it pulls back just a bit and shakes his tail at you!  Note:  tail is without rattles.  This behavior equates to 'sealing the deal' for one card-making stamper in Texas.

Confession of this stamper:  As clearly shown, my aim for 'right behind the head' was a little 'off'.  Even though I could see that the snake was severely injured, he was as squirmy as one might expect beneath the shovel blade.  My efforts to stomp atop the blade did not cause immediate signs of death.  Fortunately, this stamper was willing to call for assistance, but had to wait with foot atop the shovel until spotting 2 roofers returning to their truck a couple doors down the street.  I'm happy to clarify that roofers do carry at least one hammer on their trucks.  Hammer down = snake is history!

Now about that UPS delivery ... 
New 2017-2018 Stampin' Up! Catalogs are here!

I've already had catalog sent out to my online customers ... and I've been advised that they are "in the mail".  If that list does not include 'you', and you're in need of a catalog, please request one here.  Or, attend any upcoming class and receive your catalog at that time!

Thanks for using my May Host Code for your online orders that are less than $150 this month.  

Inky (((huggss))),

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